The Indo-Kentucky Chamber of Commerce (IKCC) is a partner to Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development agencies throughout the state of Kentucky.

  • Cooperating with the Cabinet for Economic Development, we will assist in the recruitment of Indian industry into specific areas, i.e. the economic region that is most hospitable to that Indian industry.
  • With our relationships in local communities in Kentucky, IKCC is able to assist in recruitment services that make the transi tion of Indian industry to Kentucky easier.
  • IKCC offers unique networking models that merge Indian and Kentucky communities into relationships fertile for economic benefit. Indian industry owners will be confident that their new location is a community welcoming their business and families.
  • IKCC offers programs for Indian industry families that are new to communities, helping make a living transition easy and smooth.
  • IKCC shows Chambers of Commerce how best to care and nourish the relationship with your community and Indian indus try, which can result in a long-lasting, productive relationship with great economic benefits.
  • IKCC offers research into Indian markets, assisting in exporting opportunities for businesses in local communities.
Why India?Why Kentucky?