India Ready Communities are locations in Kentucky that are the most hospitable locations to receive and keep Indian Industry. The “India Ready” logo means that new industry coming from India can find the most efficient site selection there, where these communities have built an infrastructure to ensure a higher quality of life, cooperative government, reliable services, comfortable area for living, cooperative business community and an international culture that will help make adjustments to Kentucky easy.

India Ready Communities are designated for Kentucky communities who are partners with Indo Kentucky Chamber of Commerce (IKCC) and meet “ready” criteria, example:

  • Community has Indian membership population in IKCC
  • Has hosted IKCC events
  • Can implement a Credentials Assistance Program (CAP) for new Indian industry
  • Logo is posted on local Economic Development Organization website and IKCC website
  • “India Ready Community” logo means that criteria is complete
  • “India Ready Community (In Progress)” logo means that criteria has begun
Indian Ready Communities